Fundraising for a Loved One with Breast Cancer


Most people will meet someone in their lifetime diagnosed with breast cancer. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, a next-door neighbor, or a co-worker. will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Most of those diagnosed with breast cancer are unable to work, making it difficult to afford treatments, medical care, or surgery. Even with insurance, the co-pays and deductibles can add up to thousands of dollars. There are several options to help loved ones with the financial burden of a breast cancer diagnosis.


Crowdsourcing is an effective way to raise money for any fundraiser. There are several crowdfunding websites that accept donations for medical costs, some more popular than others. This can be a successful way to raise money as friends and family can share the fundraiser through social media. The more people who see the fundraiser, the more donations will be received.

  • The largest crowdfunding website has raised more than $5 billion from its campaigns since launching in 2008. With medical expenses rising, more people are beginning to use crowdsourcing to raise money. More than 30% of all campaigns created on GoFundMe are intended to help with medical costs.

  • Has helped individuals and families with medical fundraising for over 12 years. They have raised over $600 million in donations from medical campaigns. Creating a fundraiser is quick, easy and free. There are no setup costs involved when fundraising with Mightycause.

  • With more than $140 million raised and 150,000 campaigns completed, FundRazr is one of the top crowdsourcing platforms. In previous campaigns, money has been donated to help with medical costs, such as doctor visits, prescriptions, chemotherapy, travel costs, and medical expenses that aren’t covered under insurance. FundRazr is trusted by over 4,000 non-profits and corporations.

Online Fundraising Stores

Creating an online fundraising store is easier than ever. Apparel Now offers fully-customizable online fundraising stores. Simply register your store, upload a logo or design, and share your store link on your website or through social media. An online store is a simple and effective fundraising method that boasts many benefits.

  • Creating a store is 100% free – No risk involved!
  • Receive 12% profit from each sale
  • No minimum or maximum order requirements
  • Each store is customized for specific needs
  • Don’t worry about inventory, processing, or shipping

Apparel Now is trusted by more than 3,000 public and private schools, teams, companies, non-profits, and churches. View some of the custom online stores Apparel Now has created in the past and get some inspiration for your fundraiser by visiting their store. Some items you can customize include t-shirts, backpacks, blankets, and hats.

Plan ahead. Breast Cancer Awareness month starts in October. Prepare for your next fundraising event by creating an online store today.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are helpful for obtaining financial assistance, finding treatment, and finding local support groups. Here are a few non-profit organizations that help with these resources:

A non-profit that provides 90-day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patients in active treatment.

Offers limited financial assistance for cancer-related costs and co-pays, plus resources for family members.

Resources for finding treatments, financial assistance, and finding local support groups.

Provides financial assistance programs, including those for prescription drugs, medication, transportation, and childcare.

You can learn more about these non-profit organizations by clicking on the links above. Each organization offers different resources to help breast cancer patients and their families.

Prepare for a successful fundraiser by utilizing the tools listed above. There are many fantastic ideas to incorporate into a breast cancer fundraiser. Find more for your fundraising event today!